CRC Details

Pre ICO starts in:

  • 24 Days
  • 24 Hours
  • 24 Minutes
  • 24 Seconds
  • Public ICO 01/01/2020
  • Contract Address 0xfb19c03a02a519a44542343803f3d42578cbc243
  • Symbol CRC
  • Total CR Coin 21,000,000
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You can find CR Coin at:


More details about our ICO

Profit distribution

  • 30 % Marketing
  • 25 % Development
  • 10 % Grants
  • 5 % ATM Network
  • 10 % DEX Liquidity
  • 5 % Listings
  • 5 % Miscellaneous expenses

Distribution of funds generated by ICO

As part of our transparency with our clients and investors we share the distribution of the funds generated in our ICO.

Which includes from important marketing and listings in Exchange, to miscellaneous expenses of the company: rent, employees, servers and more.

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Some of our achievements

August 2019

CR Coin creation

September 2019

Website development and initial marketing

October 2019

Development of Telegram Bots: AI and Investment Bot

October 2019

Development of a Full-Node on the Waves platform

November 2019

First convention Ecosystem development with:
-The Bitcoin Domain
-Coin Market Leaders

December 2019

Creation of CR Coin ERC20 Smart Contract.


Important documents


CR Coin es compatible con una amplia variedad de wallets, también puedes probar nuestro Cubensis web wallet que se encuentra en Beta.


You can see our Whitepaper where you will find a more detailed description about our project.


Business proposal

You can also download our business proposal, where you can find our development plan, goals achieved, goals to be achieved and how to invest in our project.


Business map where CRC is accepted

You can also be
part of CR Coin Ecosystem

Where you can already find:

  • Restaurants
  • Auto shop
  • Grocery stores
  • Decoration and advertising
  • Makeup and more ...

¿Do you have a business and want to join us?

Accept CR Coin

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