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During the phases of the CR Coin ICO, participants that have registered on the platform will gain access to a personalized referral link to share with friends, family & followers.

If you refer a friend and they participate in the ICO, you will be granted a 10% bonus from each transaction that is made by each participant.

For example:

You share your link on Twitter and your friend/follower Joe (you know, @Crypto_Baller32) ends up purchasing 100,000 CR Coins.


As soon as the transaction is completed, you will earn a nice bag of 10,000 CR Coins.

“Thanks Joe!”

Where is your personalized referral link located?

After signing up, click on the “profile” tab and locate your referral link under this panel. Copy and paste this link to your friends to gain a 10% bonus on their participation!

View the map of businesses accepting CR Coin in Costa Rica:

CR Coin is now being used in over 30 local businesses in the Costa Rica market.